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Challenges in Accessing Quality Care

Challenges in Access to Quality Healthcare

  • It is difficult for patients to consistently access high-quality care in the current healthcare system.
  • Lack of access to care and long waiting times for appointments with specialists are common complaints. Insurance limitations play a significant role in this issue.
  • The volume of patients and shortage of specialists contribute to the backlog of appointments and delays in treatment.
  • A solution could be a care model that provides more time and access to doctors, along with reduced administrative and insurance burdens.

Health Care and Insurance Limitations

  • Unfortunately, health care is heavily influenced by insurance coverage, which can hinder access to necessary treatment.
  • Approval from insurance is often required for medication and treatments, causing delays in receiving proper care.
  • Lack of prior authorization can lead to the physician's treatment plan not being implemented or taking months to receive approval.
  • Patients suffer as they endure pain while waiting for approval and struggle to take care of themselves.
  • Mental outlook plays a significant role in health, highlighting the importance of proper care and access to doctors.
  • Cutting out middlemen, like insurance, could be a potential solution to improve access and treatment.
  • A direct care practice offers the advantage of direct access to doctors and timely treatment.

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7434 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 102,
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