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  • Is Parkinson's Disease Hereditary?

    When people are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, they often want to know if it's hereditary. Can their kids get it? Are their grandchildren at risk? Well, the answer is complicated.

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  • Secondary Headache Types, Symptoms, and More

    A secondary headache is a headache caused by another medical issue. Secondary headaches happen when the underlying condition activates pain-sensitive regions in the head or neck. This type of headache differs from a primary headache, such as a migraine or tension headache.

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  • Some people have Alzheimer’s without symptoms: What happens in their brains?

    Researchers in the Netherlands, after studying data from more than 2,000 brains at the Netherlands Brain Bank, recently made a surprising discovery. Their study — which appears in Acta Neuropathologica CommunicationsTrusted Source — found that a subgroup of people had clear indications of Alzheimer’s disease in their brain tissue, but they showed no symptoms while they were alive.

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  • Does Parkinson's Disease Cause Dementia?

    Parkinson's disease is a neurological condition primarily known for symptoms like a resting tremor, stiffness, and balance and coordination difficulties.1 The disease can also cause symptoms unrelated to movement, such as dementia. Dementia causes impaired memory and thinking.

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  • Headache Behind Eyes

    Headaches behind the eyes can cause sharp, stabbing, or dull pain. You may feel pain behind one or both eyes, in the temples, eyebrows, or other parts of your face. Sinus or tension headaches or primary headache disorders can cause these headaches. Various factors, such as eye strain, stress, and certain foods, can trigger headaches behind the eyes.

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