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What are some conditions that are treated by the Kingdom Healing Institute?

We treat: chronic pain, disc herniation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, opioid dependence, lupus, epilepsy, neurological disorders

What is Direct Specialty Care?

Direct care is a model of medical practice that prioritizes you the patient by removing the “middleman” from the doctor-patient interaction. The “middleman” is your insurance company. Direct care involves direct payment by the patient to the doctor for services rendered. This model of care allows decisions to be made in the best interest of the patient rather than the best interest of the insurance company. This results in shorter wait times for appointments, more face-to-face time with your doctor, and much better access overall.

Why are you using this model of care?

Because your doctor wants to have more time with you. Billing health insurance requires more time spent on documentation and extra staff, which increases overhead costs for an office. In order to keep up with these costs and keep the office open, your doctor must see a higher number of patients each day. This means less time spent with each individual patient. Our primary objective here is to be able to provide high quality, safe, and individualized care for her patients. This requires more time which is not available in the traditional model of practice involving billing of health insurance.

Can I try to get reimbursed by my insurance for fees paid at my visit?

Depending on your insurance plan’s out-of-network coverage you may be able to submit your visit receipt and receive reimbursement for part of the fees paid to a direct care practice or apply the cost to a health savings account or flexible spending account. It is advisable that you call your insurance company to determine eligibility and requirements for reimbursement prior to your visit. We do not have the staffing necessary to assist in this process and cannot guarantee that your insurance will reimburse any portion of the fees paid to Kingdom Health Institute.

Is a direct care practice the same as a concierge practice?

No. Concierge medicine involves a patient paying an annual or monthly fee for 24/7 access to a physician in addition to any deductibles or fees required by their insurance plan. The physician still bills a patient’s insurance company for services rendered. In direct care, the patient pays the doctor directly for services rendered. His or her insurance company is not billed.

Can direct care save me money?

Possibly. Patients who have insurance with high deductibles or high in-network coinsurance costs and out-of-pocket maximums will likely save money in a direct care model where the fees tend to be lower. It is difficult to predict what the cost differences will be because the visit fees charged by in-network practices are often not transparent and patients are usually unaware of the charge until the bill arrives.

Do you take insurance?

No, we are not in network with any insurance plans and we do not bill insurance for any services provided. We will see anyone regardless of insurance coverage or lack thereof.

Will I be able to use my insurance for medications, labs, imaging, and other tests?

Yes, absolutely. But we will always try to get you a better deal if possible with cash payment.

Can I spread out the cost of my visits?

Yes, you may be able to. We now offer monthly memberships to provide both value and cost savings for patients who require more frequent visits and laboratory testing. For a flat monthly fee of $225, these service are included: Physician led treatment plan, Physician office visit, Physician televisits, Roller therapy monthly, Electrical vibration therapy monthly, Patient portal message access.

As a patient of Kingdom Healing Institute, will I still need health insurance?

Yes. We recommend that our patients maintain health insurance coverage at all times in case of catastrophic medical events requiring hospitalization or surgery. We also recommend that our patients maintain regular follow up with their primary care provider.

If I have Medicare, can I still receive care at Kingdom Healing Institute?

Yes. However, please be aware that we have opted out of Medicare. By law, Medicare cannot be billed for our services. You as the patient cannot request reimbursement from Medicare for fees paid to Kingdom Healing Institute. A private contract stating these terms must be signed by you and the doctor and kept in your chart as per requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The first of its kind, direct care multispecialty practice located in San Antonio, Texas

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7434 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 102,
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