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Direct Specialty Care Benefits

Direct Specialty Care: Access to Health Care and Benefits

  • Direct Specialty Care is an alternative healthcare model.
  • The benefits of direct care include spending quality time with a doctor and directly working with them, eliminating the need for middlemen like insurance companies.
  • Direct care allows doctors to have a lower patient panel, improving the quality of care.
  • Some problems with seeing a high number of patients include difficulty reaching the doctor and limited time for individual patients.

Challenges Faced by Physicians in Providing Adequate Patient Care

  • Physicians often sacrifice their personal and family time to address patient issues and ensure patient care is not compromised.
  • The practice of medicine is a calling, and many doctors prioritize their patients' well-being above their own self-care.
  • During medical training, especially as a resident, doctors have to manage a heavy workload and work long hours, typically around 80 hours per week.
  • Limited physician access can lead to inadequate counseling and patient education, resulting in preventable medical complications.
  • In one instance, a patient's incorrect medication cessation led to a serious condition called status epilepticus, which could have been avoided with proper counseling and more patient time.

The first of its kind, direct care multispecialty practice located in San Antonio, Texas

  • 7434 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 102,
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7434 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 102,
San Antonio, TX 78229