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Our Direct Specialty Care Journey

Meet Dr. Musa & Dr. Musa

My wife and I never planned on having a Direct Specialty Care Practice. We were both happily employed physicians, minus the admin headaches, paperwork, and the usual hospital nonsense. I’d say we had about the best work-life balance you could expect in a dual-employed physician household with 3 young boys. I’m board-certified in Anesthesiology, Interventional Pain Medicine,& Addiction Medicine. My wife is board-certified in Neurology & Epilepsy. There is no shortage of jobs in our fields; however, we have a different perspective. 

For the past five years, we worked together on a part-time medical ministry where we provided healthcare to those in need in San Antonio, TX. We strongly desire to improve access to quality healthcare in our nation. In our employed positions, we had limited impact in changing healthcare systems outside of our hospital. As we both progressed to leadership roles in our hospital, the demands on our time outside of work hours continued to increase. As is the problem with most physicians, overachieving is normal. We continued to work harder and harder to provide excellent care in a broken healthcare system. We noticed we started to have less family time, less time for hobbies, and even less time for our medical ministry.

We decided to take a step of faith. In Feb. 2023 we started to plan the creation of our private practice. We initially knew nothing about Direct Specialty Care and how to start this type of practice. As we brainstormed about our ideal practice, we both realized that we did not want the standard medical practice that includes: constant fights with insurance, confusing paperwork, revolving door of employees, random reimbursement amounts, and the pressure to see as many patients as possible to keep the lights on. We wanted to create a practice that gave us the freedom to practice medicine how we wanted and provided us with the time and finances to expand our medical ministry.

We were blessed enough to have a family member who has started their own Direct Specialty Care practice and has coached other physicians to do the same. (shout out to Dr.Abby). Thanks to her expert guidance we were able to open our practice Kingdom Healing Institute within a few months!(check out our grand opening)

This has been an incredible journey thus far. We are still learning what works and are constantly marketing. In a short time, we have created our professional brand and are attracting patients DIRECTLY to our practice without insurance or physician referrals. We have provided unparalleled service to our patients, and we have the freedom to live the life we have dreamed of. Make no mistake; this is not an overnight success story. We are still working to grow our practice, but we know that THIS WORKS! Patients are desperate for high-quality healthcare, and they will pay for your expertise. It’s up to us as physician leaders to take a bold step toward fixing our healthcare system. As physicians, we have the ability and expertise to provide patients with rapid access to trustworthy, high-quality care. 

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The first of its kind, direct care multispecialty practice located in San Antonio, Texas

  • 7434 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 102,
    San Antonio, TX 78229
  • Practice Hours:
    Monday - Friday : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

7434 Louis Pasteur Drive, Suite 102,
San Antonio, TX 78229