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What is the solution to our broken healthcare system?

A lot of people ask why we both left our stable employed positions at a large hospital system to start our own venture. Honestly, it was a calling that we could not refuse. The healthcare system is facing many challenges, including rising costs, inadequate access, and variable quality of care. One potential solution to these problems is direct care.

Direct care is a model of healthcare that eliminates third-party payers, such as insurance companies, and instead focuses on a direct relationship between patients and healthcare providers. This model emphasizes a personalized approach to healthcare, with doctors spending more time with patients and focusing on preventative care.

One of the main advantages of direct care is its affordability. By eliminating the administrative costs associated with insurance, direct care providers can offer lower prices for their services. This makes healthcare more accessible to a broader range of patients, particularly those without insurance or with high deductibles.

Another advantage of direct care is the improved quality of care. With more time to spend with patients, doctors can focus on preventative care, identifying potential health problems before they become severe. This approach can lead to better health outcomes for patients, reducing the need for costly hospital stays and procedures.

Direct care also fosters a closer relationship between doctors and patients. Patients can communicate more easily with their doctors, building trust and enhancing their overall experience. Doctors, in turn, can gain a deeper understanding of their patients's unique health needs and personalize their care accordingly.

In conclusion, direct care is a potential solution to the many problems facing the healthcare system. By providing affordable, high-quality care and fostering closer doctor-patient relationships, direct care has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and make it more accessible to all.

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